New Minding Creative Minds Trauma and Abuse Counselling Service

Minding Creative Minding (MCM) announce an enhancement of its service offering to include trauma and abuse counselling.

This announcement and launch is in collaboration with our partners at Screen Ireland and Irish Theatre Institute as part of the Safe to Create Programme and with the continued support of The Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media.

This October 5th Minding Creative Minds will announce an enhancement of its service to include specialist trauma and abuse counselling care.  This additional service is being launched with our pan-creative sector peer team; we are privileged to collaborate with Screen Ireland and Irish Theatre Institute as part of the Safe to Create programme on this primary advancement for our service offering and very thankful to do so with the continued support of Minister Catherine Martin and her team at The Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media.

In both public and private health tiers, trauma and abuse counselling services can have significant wait lists, depending on the user’s catchment area and services accessed.  At the time of writing, we understand a six-months plus wait list exists.  With Minding Creative Minds enhanced service, our team of counsellors will also provide supportive care while the service user is waiting for a specific service referral. This approach ensures our (enhanced) service user is supported day to day with their coping and managing techniques until the bridge to engagement around the historical trauma is secured.

How will our enhanced service to include specialist trauma and abuse counselling care work?

1. The first point of contact on initial engagement with the Minding Creative Minds helpline is our case managers who are fully qualified psychotherapists / counsellors.

2. In the case of a caller contacting the service outlining they have been the victims of trauma / abuse the case manager will offer in the moment support while also arranging a call with one of the Minding Creative Minds Senior Clinicians and Trauma Specialists (who have expertise in trauma, rape, sexual violence and abuse) within 24hrs, at a suitable time for the caller. During
this call, specialised support will be provided to the caller and a comprehensive intake assessment of the caller’s needs will take place.

3. Following the assessment and support call the Minding Creative Minds Senior Clinician will determine the most suitable intervention and to determine if short-term counselling (up to 12 free sessions) is appropriate or if more specialised, long term or open-ended support would represent a more robust and clinically appropriate intervention.

4. If a referral to short term counselling is deemed the most appropriate intervention; a referral will be made during the call to one of Minding Creative Minds Trauma Specialists Counsellors who would have expertise in trauma, rape, sexual violence and abuse for 8-12 sessions of counselling.

5. Minding Creative Minds can arrange a suitable referral pathway for longer term or open-ended support for survivors of sexual abuse if this is deemed necessary through signposting to the most suitable services.


Minding Creative Minds (MCM) is Ireland’s first 24/7 (32 county and our Irish overseas) wellbeing support programme for the entire Irish creative sector. Minding Creative Minds’ counselling and advice services, in association with Spectrum Life, include a *24/7 Dedicated Phone Line; Short-term intervention, telephone Counselling together with secure video counselling amongst other contact options (see the full list later in this document). Alongside our counselling services we offer advice and support on practical day to day issues which have the potential to cause stress and anxiety; for example, legal and financial advice, career guidance and life coaching. Our service offering focuses on the entire individual; whatever your need or question; if you work in any area of the Irish creative sector, contact us and let us help you; our services are free and confidential.

To access this service, or any of our other services, please call 1800 814 244.
For international numbers click here.




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