Networking Tips for Creatives

Eoin Sandford


1. Before attending an event, research.
Carry out some research about the people attending. Identify who you wish to speak to and go with a clear goal in mind. Are you looking for a potential new client? Are you looking for specific introductions to other people?

2. Starting a conversation.
Ask the person to elaborate on something you already know about them. Perhaps mention what you know about their last project and ask how it went.

3. Write notes.
Write notes after meaningful conversations if you’ve met someone new. Any little tidbits can always help. The name of the person’s child, the name of their school. Whoever they said they’d be happy to introduce you to.

4. Exit a conversation graciously.
Even if it was not a satisfying encounter always smile and say it was a pleasure to chat and wish the person well on their latest project.

5. Follow up.
Follow up with people you’ve met after every meaningful encounter. Even if you don’t have anything to follow up on, send a message saying, “Really great to meet you. Hopefully we’ll catch up again.”